about us

We strive to continuously innovate. we empower passionate people in our team to take initiative and work on difficult problems. Building great product is hard, being passionate about doing it makes it so much easier. We create the right environment for our people to achieve their best. Their success is our success.

About Tractive Sdn Bhd

Snipeads is a Digital-out-of-Home (DOOH) platform developed and operated by Tractive Sdn Bhd. The platform solves one of the main problems of the DOOH industry in Malaysia, the ability to buy and sell advertising space on outdoor digital screens. Currently many media owners are limited with the software they use, and can’t connect their screens to programmatic platforms to generate more sales. Snipeads enables media owners to easily manage their inventory and allow advertisers to place their ad content on their screens. At the same time, Snipeads allows advertisers to get access to large network of outdoor screens and manage their DOOH campaign in one integrated platform.

Our Awesome Team

We are a Malaysia based software development company with in-house software developers and designers. At Tractive, we pride ourselves on having an international melting pot of development talents, where cultures, ideas, and passion drives us towards innovation and success

Brahma Shakthi

Founder & CEO


Loik Vokhidov

Marketing & Operations


Moshood Awari



Bryan Pang

Web Developer


Tsukune Yau

Fullstack Developer


Ali Bazdaran

Backend Developer


Tahir Yinka



Thet Htet

Fullstack Developer


Mohammad Abdellahi

Mobile Developer


Our Values

Tractive was founded with idea of bringing innovative software to mass market at affordable prices. Everyone’s efforts in the company is directed towards making Tractive the leading software house of the adtech industry in Malaysia and SEA.

Being agile in our approach to work is core value of Tractive. It allows every individual in the company not to be afraid of trying new ideas and allows the company to launch new products at ever increasing speed and frequency.

We are in the state of hyperfocus on creating a better customer experience and we are committed to having a customer-first approach.

We believe on the long term customer retention and rapid customer acquisition,  software must be affordable to everyone. We always strive for a win-win situation, immidiate savings & higher ROI.

What We Do Best


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