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One stop solution for all of your Digital-out-of-Home needs
Online digital signage platform that helps you automate your business operations

Make more money from your screens

Assign a portion of your inventory to Snipeads and our DSP will generate additional sales for you. Your screens will appear on our DSP and our advertisers can launch programmatic campaigns to your screens. Your earnings will be transferred to your account at the end of each month through online payment gateway.

Ready To Make the Switch?

Snipeads allows you to automate managing your screens. The platform also increases the effectiveness of operations by providing integrated management tools. Snipeads allows you to monetize the unsold inventory and hence earn extra revenue from your screens.

Monetize Unsold Inventory

Increase your sales by listing your screens for our advertisers to buy online and make payment.

Streamline Operations

Your screens, campaigns, proposals, bookings, reports & billings all in one place.

Reduce Costs

Save costs by optimizing time and resource spent on managing business operations.

Snipeads works on all types of screens

Indoor (2)

Indoor Screens

Screens located at the indoor facilities suhc as shopping malls, groceries and F&B outlets

Available for following venues:

  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Shopping mall
  • Grocery shop
  • Boutique
  • Hotel

Outdoor Screens

All types of digital outdoor screens such as LEDs and digital lamp posts on the roadside

Available for following types:

  • Roadside Digital LED
  • Street furniture
  • Building LED
  • Digital Kiosks
Screen formats

Screen Formats

Our solution works on all types of screen formats such as LCD, LED and custom screen resolutions

Available for following formats:

  • LCD TV
  • 4K Digital Signage
  • Digital LED 
  • Digital Lamp Post
  • Digital Kiosks
  • Mobile LED (Truck, bus)

Transit Screens

All types of screens located at airports, train stations or bus stops

Available for following venues:

  • Airport
  • Train station
  • Terminal
  • Bus station
  • In-bus
  • In-train


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